The Hogar Albergue Jesús de Nazaret Inc. (El Hogar) is a home for boys and girls who have been victims of abuse. Our focus is to provide a safe and welcoming place for children who have been removed from their biological family or foster home due to neglect, physical violence or sexual abuse. We ensure the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the children by providing professional attention and personalized care.

We serve children from all over Puerto Rico referred to us by the Department of Family Services. In our 21 years of operation, El Hogar has housed more than 650 minors from over 40 Puerto Rico municipalities. Currently, El Hogar has a maximum capacity of 14 children and employs a staff of 22 people, whose main focus is to take care of the children. 

The "spinal cord" of El Hogar are the ‘Nanas’, caregivers dedicated to the children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our nannies become the children's substitute moms during their stay at El Hogar, taking care of them with tenderness and attending to their personal hygiene, nutrition and recreation.

Our service staff also includes healthcare, education, recreation, nutrition and transportation specialists who work hard in conjunction with the nannies to make sure that all the children's needs are attended to with promptness and excellence. Our executive director and administrative team work tirelessly to make sure that the Hogar runs like a family in harmony, and to assure the operational and fiscal stability of the institution.