Donate Your Time

We offer many ways for you to get involved with the Hogar and see first-hand the results of your efforts and dedication. We encourage you to join the group of volunteers who support the Hogar, and use your skills to help the children have a better future. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you wish. You will receive many blessings and great satisfaction!

Volunteers who work directly with the children:

  • Tutors for reading and math
  • Teachers of arts and crafts, dance or music
  • Assistants to coordinate sports and recreational activities
  • Medical service providers

Volunteers who help the Hogar’s operations:

  • Volunteers to work on grant proposals, marketing and other fund-raising activities
  • Plumbers, mechanics and electricians
  • Painters and cleaning assistants
  • Facility maintenance technicians

Be one of the Hogar’s Ambassadors and help fight child abuse:

  • Presenters to lead workshops and/or talks about child abuse detection and prevention strategies (training and materials are provided by the Hogar).
  • Fundraising assistants: help us find sponsors for our events and operational expenses (training and materials are provided by the Hogar).