Solar Energy Project Goes Live!

The transitory home for children Jesús de Nazaret in Mayagüez (Hogar) has a new solar energy system that provides electricity in the event of power outages. The system ensures the continuity of their important services even when natural disasters strike the island.

In addition, the new system provides savings that will enable the addition of new and more specialized services for the children.

The installation of the system was possible thanks to the ingenuity and selfless contribution of a large group of people, entities and companies that contributed their expertise, time and money.

Professor James Tinjum Direct Relief
Eng. Alberto Cordero Eng. Angel Zayas (AZ Engineering)
Blue Planet Energy Kemper K. Knapp (U.W. Madison)
Enactus, Mayagüez campus Puerto Rico EWB Professional Chapter
United Against Domestic Violence (PR Relief Fund) Atty. Glorily López
RENEW Wisconsin (Couillard Solar Foundation) WPPI Energy
Madison Wisconsin EWB Professional Chapter The Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago
Mr. Ernesto Rivera (Renewable Solutions Engineering) Westwood Professional Services Inc.
Mr. Dean Arnold (Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.) Badger Hollow Solar Farm
ASCO Power Technologies Schneider Electric
Professor Carlos Velázquez Figueroa Affiliated Engineers Incorporated
Mr. Dante Fratta Community Engineering Corps